Path: History.txt
Last Update: Sun Feb 17 23:11:16 -0500 2008

0.5.2 / 2008-02-17

  • Bugfixes
    • Updated README on how to use GPG-encrypted files. Please try it and report any problems
    • Enabled ERb newline supression
    • Builtin snippit ‘list’ now lists builtin snippits too.
    • Refactored and cleaned up some code in the Snippits library
    • Added a check for xte version, if version is less than 0.98, print warning
          that non-US key layouts/characters may be wonky.
    • WARNING: Upgrade xte as suggested above! The next version of snippits will require the minimum version of xte. This is to cut down on the number of "why won‘t my on-US keyboard work with snippits"-emails I get.
  • Changes and Features
    • Changed builtin list snippit to print a space-separated list instead of a tree. Useful for tab completion.
    • Removed builtin snippit files
    • Updated README with section on how to submit patches, and fixed some typos
    • Updated the code with embedded documentation (RDoc)
    • Added builtin snippit ‘path’ to return path of a given snippit file, if it exists
    • Added builtin snippit ‘contents’ to return the contents of a snippit file, without ERB interprentation, if it exists
    • Created a video demo of snippits in action. See it at: ben.kudria.net/code/snippits
    • Added a helpful "Getting Started" section to the README
    • Added CREDITS and ROADMAP files. Feedback on Roadmap especially appreciated.

0.5.1 / 2007-12-26

  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed bug with cursor positioning code
    • Fixed bug with debug mode.
    • Fixed bug with decrypting GPG-encrypted files
    • Fixed bug with outputting GPG-encrypted files in a non-interactive session
    • Corrected RAspell dependency
  • Changes and Features
    • Made a class-level method to make expanding a snippit easier, and cleaned up other executables
    • Moved essential system snippits to lib/snippits_builtin.rb, overridable, list with ‘builtin’ snippit
    • Updated README.txt: made clearer, clarified eRB and Debian/Ubuntu install

0.5.0 / 2007-10-20

  • First RubyGems release
    • Numerous bugfixes over version 0.4
    • Included unit tests
    • Cleaned-up code