Class Typing::Typer
In: lib/typing.rb
Parent: Object
Typer Key Typing dot/f_10.png

The Typer class will parse an input string, convert it into a string suitable for passing to xte using the Keys in KEYS, and execute xte.



SUBSTITUTIONS = { "\r\n" => '{enter}', "\r" => '{enter}', "\n" => '{enter}', '"' => '{s}\'{s}', '<' => '{s},{s}', '\`' => '\\\`'


debug  [RW] 
input  [RW] 

Public Class methods

Create a new Typer. Takes input string, and possible debug value.

Public Instance methods

Check the version of xte, warn if too low

Find a given token in KEYS

Return a system-executable string from xte commands

Are any modifiers still pressed?

Expand a snippit. Utility function for snippits.

Type some text. Read method comments for more insight into the process.

The current X offset.

Change the current X offset

Return the clipboard selection. Utility function for snippits.

The current Y offset.

Change the current Y offset