Class Snippits
In: lib/snippits.rb
Parent: Object
Snippits dot/f_8.png



VERSION = '0.5.2'

Public Class methods

List to string all builtin-snipits, with contents

Otherwise, define stub method, print message

Public Instance methods

Correct a mispelled word

Return an array of all available snippits (including builtin)

Return the path of a snippit, ‘builtin’, or nil

Detect whether a file is GPG-encrypted, using the standard ‘file’ command.

Type passed text

return an array of params

parse params, setting @params and returning bare snippit name

Read in a file, detecting whether is it GPG-encrypted. If it is, decrypt it first.

Prompts for a snippit file using graphical dialog, then returns filename

Return the contents of a snippit, with erb on by default

Returns the contents of the selection.